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In addition to in-house deployment options, we are pleased to offer all of our our support software available as hosted on a cloud computing platform .

Private CloudSo what exactly is a Private Cloud?

A Private Cloud is simply a dedicated hardware environment (pooled resources) with a virtualization layer running on top. This means that multiple virtual servers can be created and managed within a set of physical servers. And since it’s an environment dedicated for Novo Solutions – with Firewall(s), Servers and Storage Area Network(s) – only our customers running our applications behind our secure Firewall are living on it.

Through Rackspace, a trusted leader in Cloud computing services, Novo Solutions has adopted a secure, private cloud infrastructure for our customer’s data. Novo data is physically separated on dedicated hardware exclusively for Novo Solutions, providing high levels of security, reliability, and performance.

Cloud Computing Benefits:

Partnering with Rackspace to provide a Novo Private Cloud provides Novo Solutions (and indirectly our cloud customers) with the following benefits:

  • Full 24x7x365 support and management of the Private Cloud configuration including hardware, hypervisor layer, operating systems, database servers and infrastructure
  • Virtual Machine provisioning
  • Expert assistance in designing, configuring and deploying expansions to the Novo Private Cloud configuration
  • The purchase and renewal of all software licenses including operating system, database and anti-virus updates
  • The purchase and deployment of all related hardware components
  • Around the clock management of the network and data center
  • Industry leading SLAs
  • High levels of security, reliability, scalability and performance
  • Greener server utilization with reduced energy consumption

The Rackspace Private Cloud infrastructure allows Novo Solutions to provide a secure, reliable server environment to our customers, while at the same time, helps us stay focused on what we do best – providing leading Customer Support and Knowledge Management solutions and supporting those solutions.


  • Dell Rack Servers
  • Intel Quad-Core Nehalem Processors
  • VMWare’s ESXi based Virtual Machines
  • Fiber Channel Connected Storage Area Network (SAN) SAS RAID drives
  • Fully Redundant Power & Network
  • 24×7 Server Monitoring
  • Managed Backup

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