Why Novo

Simply put we provide robust, flexible and easy to use tools to help our clients support and share knowledge with their employees and customers.

How We Do Business:

We listen to and serve our clients, discern market trends and continually improve our applications providing maximum scalability and return on investment.

Our Software:

Customer Support Software Solutions

Core Applications Include:
- Service Desk Software
- Customer Support Software
- Help Desk Software
- Knowledge Base Software
- Change Mgt Software
- Citizen Request Management
- Asset Management Software

Novo software is web based and can be implemented within hours, not days or weeks.

Our Solutions

Flexible Help Desk Software

Novo applications are flexible with highly customizable administrator and user settings, creating a powerful solution for all types of organizations.

Shared Services allows you to use a single Novo application across multiple departments, while ensuring optimization and security in each area.


Scalable Support Solutions

Our scalable, web-based software applications are modular in design. You only purchase the applications you need now, and can easily add more later.

Synigistic benefits are achieved when apps are bundled together, resulting in more power and robust reporting.